Aztex sodablast
Soda blasting uses bicarbonate of soda onto the surface
This medium is clean, almost food grade.

Soda blasting uses bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) onto the surface to be cleaned. This medium is clean, almost food grade and thus will not affect the environment compared to other media. Thus, you get many advantages.

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The Advantages of Bicarb Soda Cleaning Or Soda Blasting
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  • Relatively cleaner method of blasting, will clean just about any substrate.
  • Doesn’t use recycled media (which normally carries contamination).
  • One process does it all--cleaning and de-coating (other processes require cleaning prior to blasting).
  • Uses sodium bicarbonate media, (almost food grade).
  • Cleaner and healthier alternative to abrasive media, in fact it’s a natural rust inhibitor.
  • Does away with need for harsh chemicals used in chemical cleaning.
  • Cuts into coatings without etching the substrate, ideal for delicate substrates, e.g., glass.
  • No need to provide a mechanical key to metal as this is not affected by soda blasting.
  • Reduce waste and clean-up costs.
  • Better for environment and worker safety (OH&S).
  • Does not produce sparks.
  • Residue easily dissolves in water.
  • Ideal as buffer for strong acids, due to alkali content.
  • Doesn’t support rust, which needs a more acidic pH.
  • Softer media to glass or plastic beads.
  • Saves on masking of delicate substrates.
Save time and the environment, clean, de-grease and remove paint in one action: soda blasting.
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