Aztex sodablast

Engine Parts Cleaner

Having clean engine parts is extremely important. Often times, we don't think about engine parts as being fragile. It only takes a little debris that can potentially damage the bearings of an engine and the cylinder walls.


One of the most annoying experiences - for any engine re-builder - is to begin fastening the very last bolt on the head of a newly built engine only to have the bolt lock in because of tiny piece of debris. With our soda blasting methods, you won't experience that problem because it protects the internal units of an engine throughout the cleaning process.


As a matter of fact, soda blasting is a proven engine cleaner technique that removes dirt, oil and grease without damaging parts. Our parts cleaner process cleans crank shafts, pistons, engine blocks and heads.


Reliable Parts Cleaning Service

Why choose a professional part cleaning service? One major advantage is that the process is non-abrasive. So, you don't have to be concerned about any kind of abrasive entrapment.


Contact us today for a free consultation and a quote. Our Aztex Sodablast representatives are standing by to answer any question you may have regarding our part cleaning service. We’re looking forward to provide you with outstanding service and results.


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