Aztex sodablast

What is soda blasting?
This method of blasting to treat/strip paint uses sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as the blasting media. This blast medium is chemically similar to food grade baking soda, though the particles may be larger.



Why use soda blasting?
This method of blasting is very versatile and will clean pretty much all types of surfaces. The medium is not as abrasive as other media and is friendly to the environment.


Compared to other media, soda blasting offers many advantages.



Where is soda blasting used?
Soda blasting is used for many purposes and in many applications. This covers not only cleaning surfaces, treating these prior to repainting, but for restoration purposes. This method can also be used for other applications like graffiti removal, removal of contamination on surfaces, even used in industry and aviation.



Is the residue hard to clean?
On the contrary, the medium (sodium bicarbonate) is easy to clean. The residue is water washable and will not damage surrounding area. (For some plant life and foliage, the medium can cause yellowing or other harm, if not washed off. We normally cover these and other surrounding area to avoid contamination.)



Is it expensive?
Soda blasting costs will vary on the application and location of the job. The price is normally lower than comparative methods because of the ease of application. We are happy to provide you with a quotation before proceeding with the job,so that you can make the comparison.



Will soda blasting damage the substrate?
On most applications, soda blasting causes little if any damage to the substrate.



Will soda blasting work on our specialized application?
Discuss your application with us and we can give you a better indication. In most cases, where media blasting works, soda blasting should work just as well if not better.



Will the medium contaminate the substrate?
One advantage of soda blasting is it doesn't contaminate the substrate. Other media used for blasting is recycled. When recycled, it is often been found that the media has contaminations from the previous use/s.



Can soda blasting be used on glass?
Yes, in most cases, soda blasting is ideal for cleaning contamination on material like glass, soft metal and fiberglass.



When was soda blasting first used?
This method of blasting was developed in the 1980s, where it was used in the USA to restore the Statue of Liberty in New York.



Is water used as part of soda blasting?
Not always, but is used as a dust suppressant. It is also used to activate the soda to allow its cleaning properties to be utilised.



Do you get heat build up?
No, there isn't. This avoids warping of the substrate.



Is there a fire risk with soda blasting?
No. In fact, it is non-flammable. It is ideal for use in the petroleum industry. Static electricity can be produced, but precautions are taken to avoid this, where required. It will not produce electrical sparks or develop heat.