Aztex sodablast

Fire Damage Restoration

Following a fire, your home or office will obviously have damage such as charring, ashing, melting and other forms of heat distortion. Fires are also known to release a variety of hazardous substances such as toxic chemicals, asbestos from pipe insulation, PCBs from transformers and more.


It is common for everything to be covered in soot and it is accompanied by a strong and lingering odor. Aztex Sodablast’s fire damage cleaning solutions offer a thorough cleaning by removing residue, carbon and soot. It also removes fire odours and leaves a natural deodorizing aroma.


Fire Damage Restoration & Soda Blasting

When compared to other substitutes that contain high levels of carbon dioxide (i.e. dry ice blasting, sand blasting), soda blasting is safe on the environment. It is also safe to use around door-walls and window frames without ruining the glass panes. Soda blasting also removes light charring without damaging the structural integrity of your wood or other surfaces.


Fire Damage Restoration Experts

When you choose our fire remediation services, our specialist will give your wood (or other surfaces) a new revitalizing appearance. Most of all, our solutions provide a significant reduction in cost by eliminating the need to replace materials.


For further information about our Sydney-based Australian fire damage cleaning services, give us a call today. One of our specialists will assist you with all your fire remediation needs.


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