Aztex sodablast

Flood Damage Repair

Regardless of where you live, your home or business is not exempt from flood damage. Flooding is considered a common natural disaster and it can occur anywhere. If a home is not repaired by a skilled flood remediation specialist, it can result in mildew and mould -- not to mention thousands of dollars worth of repair costs.


Flood Damage Repair & Soda Blasting

Mold typically begins to grow on water damaged materials within a few hours after flood waters have subsided. Flood damage repair consists of sanitizing businesses and homes from mildew and mould following a flood. Soda blasting can be used on aluminum, wood, metal, glass brick and even concrete. This environmentally friendly technique is water soluble and it doesn't contain harsh chemicals.


Professional Flood Damage Repair

Flood or water damage repair can be difficult. Imperfect methods used by unqualified trade’s people can cause continuous damage and result in further expense to you. However, hiring an Aztex Sodablast specialist for flood remediation services will not only save you from costly repairs, it can prevent potential health problems caused by mildew and mould.


To find out further information about soda blasting in and around Sydney, contact us today. Our water damage repair service will help to transform your home back to its original state.


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