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Shot Blasting

What is shot blasting? Shot blasting consists of blasting concrete surfaces with a steel shot at high levels. The overall purpose of this technique is to get rid of contamination in order to unveil the mechanical profile for precise bonding. Then the concrete dust is retrieved by a strong dust collection system.


Our all-inclusive maintenance system ensures our shot blast machines run efficiently in order provide your project with the results you desire. We use bead and soda as media for this work.


Benefits of Shot Blasting

One major benefit of shot blasting is that it is environmentally-friendly. Our shot blast services get rid of harmful chemicals and leaves concrete flowing with a smooth looking appearance. It offers efficient disposal of contaminants and dust. Another benefit of shot blasting can be performed either outdoors or indoors.


Our Expert Shot Blast Specialists

Aztex Sodablast is capable of providing a full range of shot blast services. Our highly skilled specialists are able to determine the most effective the shot media and equipment to use in order to achieve quality results.


For further information regarding our shot blast services or any of our other services, give us a call today. Our representatives are prepared to handle your call.


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